Our belief

Our belief is that sustainable energies will become the prime energy source of the near future. Not only because of the belief that they are better for our planet and the people living on it, but also because of the fact that it will provide financial benefits.

First of all:

There is plenty of sustainable energy available. The sun radiates every hour more energy on earth than we collectively consume annually. And that is total energy consumption including industry, aviation, shipping, transport and households.

And nowadays technology has developed to such an extent that we can effectively capture, store, distribute and recycle that energy. Which makes it technically possible to rely on sustainable energy sources only.

And second:

The economics are becoming more and more favorable. Many sources of sustainable energy require a one time investment and very low variable costs afterwards. Solar, wind, hydro, tidal are examples. Increasing scales and low interest rates are favoring the investment equation. Rapidly and unrevocably.

We are business realists:

We have technical, financial, legal and commercial backgrounds. With ample experience in oil and gas, maritime, energy, small and medium sized business, ministries and more.

But more than that: We are driven by the conviction that we can help, that we can make things happen. In a way that is both smart and effective.

Our product

Our product is a fully managed and very hands-on programme that takes you through the “Why, What, When and Who” and delivers the highest benefits possible. Tailored to your needs, of course.

Cherry picking of parts of the programme is very common. Our clients often request execution of specific components of the programme, which can be:

  • Technology surveys, assessments and roadmaps
  • Risk and opportunity reviews
  • Energy savings and/or recovery options
  • Market surveys, strategies and introductions
  • Impact assessments of new or future regulations (like IMO)
  • Business planning
  • Subsidy applications
  • Supplier selection and negotiation
  • End to end supply chain development
  • Execution project management
  • Integration in Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns and statements
  • Communication programs and delivery


For all your inquiries please contact us at:

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