The “What?” question can be divided into multiple sub-questions, among which:


What energy source(s) would be most favourable? Like:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Tidal
  • Hydro
  • GeoThermal
  • Heat pumping
  • Waste heat
  • SynGas
  • Power to Liquid
  • Power to Gas


What storage or balancing method would provide best fit? Like:

  • Net metering
  • Batteries
  • Hydro
  • Heat storage
  • Power to Liquid or Gas
  • Community sharing
  • Grid to Vehicle – Vehicle to Grid


What distribution methods are most favourable? Like:

  • None outside proprietary consumers
  • Plug in on user or supplier side of metering
  • Proprietary networks for communities, industrial areas, office blocks or ports
  • Commercial sale to third parties


Of course there are more options, that we are happy to discuss and elaborate.